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You can insert plain SQL query here in order to search in pbch1m table (having columns: mol, name, formula, molweight), e.g.

SELECT mol, name FROM pbch1m WHERE 'S1C=CC2=C1C=CC=C2' |<| mol;

|<|	Substructure search and Fullfragment search
	Substructure search:
		... WHERE query_structure |<| structure_column_name
		... WHERE 'CCC' |<| mol
	Fullfragment search:
		... WHERE query_transform(query_structure, 'fullfragment') |<| structure_column_name
		... WHERE query_transform('CCC', 'fullfragment') |<| mol
|=|	Duplicate search

|>|	Superstructure search

Similarity search:
... WHERE row (query_structure, similarity_value)::sim_order operator structure_column_name LIMIT n;
... WHERE row ('CCC', 0.8)::sim_order |<~| mol LIMIT 20;
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